Swing Notes

January 5-6, 2008---
-Setting up with slightly closed stance at address (right foot back).
-Feeling shorter swing at the top and not allowing the club to swing past parallel.
-Exaggerating the feeling of the club shallowing out on the downswing, and then releasing more by getting your right side thru the shot on the follow-thru.
December 16, 2007---
Posture:  Less bend at waist in uppder body.  Feeling more upright at address with weight on heels, not toes.  Shoulders should be in line with knees & toes at address.
Backswing:  Same thoughts of swinging shorter with arms wide at top of swing.
Downswing:  Keep in mind the thought of raising up with head/body to start the downswing.  Your tendency is for your body to go down, which pulls the club out and over-the-top on the downswing.
December 7, 2007---
-Stand further from the ball at address (especially with driver) and feel more erect posture.
-Backswing should be shorter with more width (arms wider and further away from body at top of swing).
-Feeling more extension in arms after impact.
**Setup position has really improved (shoulders are square, as opposed to open) and the shoulder turn at the top of the swing has also improved.

Jason Birnbaum, Director of Instruction
Manhattan Woods Golf Club

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  • I met Jason three years ago and during this period of time I have been able to make radical improvements to my golf swing and to my results do to a very effective way of teaching that is simple to understand.

    Alex Rocha

    PGA Tour

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